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50% of the people in my life speak English as their second language so I’m speaking on my experience witnessing them interacting with people that speak English as their first language. Like how are you going to talk down to this person, correcting people or asking…

I find this kind of stupid. I think there’s always going to be an intimidating factor of speaking a language which isn’t your first (being one myself) But The same goes for any language. If you’re not speaking to the level people expect people aren’t going to understand unless they’re used to it. When I first met my Japanese friend, we had a few communication issues and I was way too intimidated to speak Japanese. When I finally did, I was corrected a lot and sometimes had to repeat myself. But I don’t hold that to him because it’s his mother tongue and English is mine. No one is any better and I’m glad my friend supports my learning and will correct me when I need correcting because that makes me a better learner. If I face someone who doesn’t I’m not going to write a narrow minded post scrutinising the people who belong to that language but that one person.

I’m sick of these tumblr posts that talk about discrimination and other shit whilst you’re practically doing the same thing.